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A Foolish Consistency
by Andrea Weir
Released: September 15, 2014

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“I was hooked on the story…” S.E.

“This is a lovely book …” V.S.

“Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down.” E.W.

“There is integrity and consistency to the characters, and they are very involving.” B.R.

“[Weir] has done a very masterful job with her characters in not only their delineation, but in fostering our empathy and concern for them.”
Readers’ favorite Lines


The firelight cast the room in a warm glow, with dark shadows hovering around us like benevolent ghosts.
“No, it doesn’t go away, but you learn how to live with it. And if you’re a kid, you just learn a lot earlier than most.”

The dream pressed against reality, and I was afraid of trading one for the other and losing both.


Will never knew how it felt to be on the outside looking in, to crave a sense of belonging
somewhere—anywhere—but never finding that place, because it didn’t really exist.


“Well, you always know when something has happened for the first time, because it’s brand new.
But as milestones, lasts are tricky because you don’t know they’ve happened.”



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